Posting regularly: the struggle

Posting regularly: the struggle

It’s been over a year…

I have constantly struggled with writing and posting things regularly. Sometimes I just think I don’t have worthy things to say. Sometimes I can’t make the story right and I end up just not writing at all.

This personal blog is kind of my way to have full longer thoughts than twitter (which I now have) and let the world know what I’m thinking. Not because I think my thoughts deserve everyone’s attention or that I need to share everything about my life every second. But that I simply want to share them.

My journal is where thoughts live for permanent and private residence. Twitter is my succinct and often random thoughts appropriate for public consumption.

So where does that leave this?

In the beginning, I wanted to use this blog as a fun way to motivate myself into making content and discipline myself with constantly perfecting my passions, such as writing, video work and features.

Well, this will be important in the next few months. I will be documenting and researching the origin and inception of the YouTube makeup artist and its effect on the makeup industry. This research is completely independent and I’d need to have the discipline any way.

It’s a little of a motivation post but hopefully, I can do better.

I am doing NaNoWriMo again, however I will be lowering my word count to 20,000. Reason being that I am more aware of my stress-management abilities and am able to identify my limits.

This is important, even more so in college where stress levels are unreasonably high (though I do not discount anyone else’s stress). While NaNo is important to me in that I do want to consider myself an author one day, I cannot allow writing to completely destroy my life simply because I have a desire (no matter the importance). It’s not worth it in the long run, and NaNo is not the only time I will write, but just the time that I will put serious effort into it.

Sometimes I lose sight of why I even start things, and I must get over the “But I Don’t Want To Today” mentality.

Anyway, this post is more of a reminder to myself that I still have this site, and I can just have fun with it.


The Sorority Uniform

What is the Sorority Uniform?

The sorority uniform consists of two required articles with multiple add-ons depending on one’s region. I shall explain the OKLAHOMA sorority uniform.

  • Required Articles
    1. Oversized T-Shirt:

The oversized T-Shirt is super comfy, most likely Comfort colors, and can easily be worn to bed, to class and back to bed again easily. They hid all foodie regrets and can be washed with just about anything. There’s at least a dozen of T-Shirts plastered with a sorority woman’s letters in her closet.

The Required Oversized Shirt & Yoga Pants
  1. Yoga Pants
    • Whether you have one or dozens, lulus or Wal-Marts, yoga pants are the perfect match to the Oversized T-Shirt. They act like skinny jeans, yet Yoga Pants add infinite amounts of comfort. Paired with boots or tennis shoes, Yoga Pants look cute with any outfit.
  • Oklahoma Articles
    1. Oversized sweatshirts
      • This may be a thing across many states, but I know that okies love their sweatshirts
      • I am guilty of owning 4
My NaNo SweatShirt
My Chi O SweatShirt









  • Rain boots
    • Either Hunter© or otherwise, rain boots are a must for those days when the skies open and an ocean pours down.

      Yes, these are mine
    • *Extra points if the boots have your letters on them
  •  Birkenstock/Jandels
    • One is outrageously expensive and cute, the other super cheap on Amazon and cute, and both are the lazy-sorority-girl go-to.
    • I, unfortunately, own neither of these beautiful shoes.


Why I Love It

There is a small window of freedom in college, where wearing T-Shirts and yoga pants are completely acceptable.

T-Swift Concert Oct. 2015!

T-Swift Concert Oct. 2015!

So after I randomly opened my iMovie app on my computer, I found my video on the surprise Taylor Swift Concert! I recorded a lot of my favorite parts and felt the need to share some of this artist’s amazing work.

Here’s the video! (More below)

I am not a rabid fan of Taylor Swift, but I can respect her for being a great entertainer and role model for young fans everywhere.

In one moment that I (unfortunately) didn’t catch on film, Taylor Swift stood on a platform smiling at the audience, and she encouraged all the fans to remain true to themselves and that they were strong and unique, no matter what any bullies or naysayers might say.

While I don’t know Taylor, I was proud of her. She said these things from her stage to thousands of young girls, including my little ten-year-old cousin. A powerful musician, she encouraged others to express themselves and not to let anyone tell them how to do so.

In a world where bullying runs rampant and the status quo must always be met, I thank Taylor Swift for her own strength and wisdom.



If you attended a T-Swift Concert, what was your experience? What were your favorite songs and moments?

Recovery 2015

Recovery 2015

For the past few months, I avoided writing on here. From a strenuous NaNo to Finals to various minor events over Winter Break, I felt that I had nothing worth writing about, nothing to celebrate or tell.

My 2015 Planner & my new GOALden 2016 Planner.

However, I looked over my 2015 Passion Planner, and I saw how many things I started, accomplished and achieved. I experienced new things and reaffirmed my goals with the start of the New Year.

And so, after a long break (and a good mental kick in the butt), I present the most striking events of the last two months of 2015 (& a little of 2016.)

NaNoWriMo Lessons

I discovered that 1,667 words, while good for getting 50,000 words in a month, proved to much for my inner & inexperienced writer. I tend to put an extreme amount pressure on myself to live up to my stated goals, even if my goals are obviously too high. As a first time NaNo-er, I should have lowered the standard.

From a NaNoWriMo Workshop

In the end, I wrote a total of 23, 678 words on my novel over about two weeks (if I don’t count the days I didn’t write). While it isn’t close to 50,000 in a month, the last time I wrote a story over 20,000 words, it took me five months to complete it. I wrote 23,000 in two weeks, and I’m not even close to finishing it!

With some newly acquired time management skills, this next year will see my novel completed, I can guarantee.

Finals: a brief overview

I was the lucky girl who only had two finals this semester, and I used that fully to my Procrastination Advantage. I did not study at all until the Friday before my finals week (whatever you do, don’t do that), but I managed to do well on both of my tests, getting an A in one class and a B in another.

Still, the stress from finals exacerbated the burnout I felt from NaNo, and by the end of the week, I was ready to be out of school for a while.

All the Wisdom Teeth!

Everyone has heard of them, seen the funny videos post surgery and dreaded having their own out.

Well, I had four wisdom teeth, and they all needed to go.

My surgeon was kind and caring, and I easily slipped into the anesthesia-induced sleep . Immediately after awakening, I stumbled out of the building with my mother and an assistant holding me up, lacking any feeling in my lower face. Stitches on my gums gave me the stereotypical chipmunk cheeks, and I couldn’t eat solid food for two weeks.

Unfortunately, I have no funny videos to share, but here’s some pictures!

Me with my magic ice pack and favorite doggie
Look at those Chipmunk Cheeks

Fics & Writing Goals

 While taking a break from my NaNo novel, I’m working on my Harry Potter fanfiction called The Choice. Since publishing, it’s been viewed almost 300 times!

A quick moment of silence for the late Alan Rickman, who played the infamous Severus Snape and inspired me to write this fanfiction. May he rest in peace.

I’m excited to continue with this story and see how my OC develops in the Wizarding World. Fanfiction allowed me to stretch my writing fingers and focus on developing my OCs without feeling the pressure of “I’m-writing-a-novel.”

With my renewed focus on my fic, I decided to set a daily and monthly word count goal. I learned from NaNo that a having a short and long term goal makes writing seem more urgent and feel more important. While 1,667 words a day and 30,000 words total were too much for me,  500 words daily and 15,000 monthly allows me the option of a quick writing session when I’m in a time crunch. It’s a lot less than NaNoWriMo, and that’s perfect for me.


Whew! That’s what I get for not updating!

What do you think? How has your winter break been? What were your NaNo & Finals experiences?

Sound off in the comments below!

A Reaffirmation Pledge (or 10 days of Not Writing)

Looking back on the past ten days, I regret putting off writing as much as I did.

While two big projects needed my full attention, I could have easily started writing vigorously starting this past Thursday. Instead, I was lazy and sat on my phone the entire time. I even avoided looking at writing prompts on Pinterest so I wouldn’t feel guilty.

Now that it’s Thanksgiving, that I “have the time” to write, I’m sitting at my computer not writing.

I already accepted that I probably wouldn’t make it to 50,000 on my first NaNo attempt. My schedule for November gave me a good heads up for that. But I know that I could have written more and been farther along than I am now, had I disciplined my writing more.

However, I’m going to make myself write. No matter where I am, I will do it. No excuses, no stops.

Thank you for reading my little rant. 🙂

Paralyzingly Stressed

Paralyzingly Stressed

FYI: There were puppies for de-stressing outside my dorm that day. I’m probably dying on the inside in this picture.

This is the week I dread. Every second of time preparing for my assignments is precious, but the weight of all that needs to be done crushes my heart and freezes my lungs.

I barely breathe, and I stare blankly at the papers, the computer, the questions. Everything is important and needs to be done now. Right now. 

Thus was my mental state the past two days. With two major projects coming up and various assignments due in other classes, I quickly spiraled into the above thought cycle.

After going through this many time in the past, I’ve learned a few tricks to 1.) break the cycle or 2.) continue working under stress.

Break the Cycle

There are many ways to break the paralyzing cycle of stress, but here the best ways for me:

  • Which is due first? Since I have a lot of projects due around the same time, my brain automatically thinks I need to work on all of them right now. But when I break things down by due date, I can prioritize what really needs to be done now and what can be done later.
  • Take a Break. While this particular tip can make things worse if you don’t possess a decent amount of self-discipline, a break helps me relax from a workworkwork mode. Often times, I will set a timer and  journal or read a few posts on social media to get my mind off of things.

Breaking a cycle of stress can be difficult, especially if you are easily distracted, but hopefully these help!

Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t afford to take a break, or you have multiple assignments due on the same day. So…

Continue Working Under Stress

Throughout life, you and I will face extremely stressful situations with no time to relax and destress. When it comes down to these situations, here are some things I do when working on a (quick approaching) deadline:

  • Work a little at a time. Sometimes a little goes a long way. When you have multiple projects to do, doing small amounts of work and alternating the projects allows your brain a break from the big picture. If you do this for a long period of time, your progress will add up, and you could even finish a project.
  • Double Check Deadlines. You know the intense frustration of working on a project and then finding out you still had a few days to do it? Sometimes, double checking your syllabus or other assignment pages alleviates the stress. (On the other hand, you could find you have ANOTHER project due that you completely forgot about… but hey, at least you saw)
  • Go to bed early. Work all day, but get to bed as soon as possible. Stress leaves your brain exhausted and useless, to where if you tried to work late into the night, you’d only sit there guiltily while being tired. You need sleep; your brain needs sleep. Work as much as you can, but for God’s sake, go to sleep.

What About You?

Everyone experiences stress. What do you do when you have an enormous amount of work that needs to be done? How do you cope, and how do you work through it? Leave a comment below! (’cause I need all the advice I can.)

Reblog: How I write a novel (with suggestions on how to do nanowrimo)

This is an awesome post by a professor of mine! This post is truest inspirational and really helpful in the writing process for NaNoWriMo and post-NaNo!!

(I was going to use On Writing for a title, but then I remembered that Stephen King had taken it.) I am doing nanowrimo 2015.  That is National Novel Writing Month, always November (why not a 31 day  month??), when a lot of crazy people try to write 50,000 words in 30 days. That’s 1667 […]