If the name of the website wasn’t clue enough, I’ll tell you now. I LOVE TO WRITE! And November is the Official National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo.

I had heard of NaNoWriMo, and the nationwide organization that promotes the non-profit writing challenge, years ago, but for most of my life I was too busy (read: lazy) to really commit to the challenge.

This past New Years, my resolution was to complete the first draft to a novel I started in high school. And 25,000 words later, I was done. The problem is this:  25,000 words barely qualifies as a short story.

A novel, according to most publishing officials, is approximately 70 – 75,000 words. Almost three times my finished draft’s word count.

25,000 words was hard enough. There was no way I could expand my first novel into that word count.

Insert NaNoWriMo. The purpose of NaNoWriMo is to write at least 50,000 in 30 days. This challenge really scares and excites me because it took me 5 months to write 25,000. The amount of discipline and dedication to write 50,000 in 30 days will I think bring out a new writer in me.



As an avid sweatshirt wearer (mostly because every building on campus is freezing), I had to purchase the intensely cozy and epically  large NaNoWriMo Sweatshirt. See Below:


NaNoWriMo Prep!

My area offered some awesome pre-NaNoWriMo workshops to help outline  our up coming novels, and I decided to give you a glimpse of that experience!

If you’ve ever done NaNoWriMo, comment your experience below! What was it like? Did you make word count? Did you go past your word count?

If you’ve ever wanted to do NaNoWriMo, what’s been stopping you?


One thought on “The Ultimate Writing Challenge – Accepted

  1. NaNo is awesome. I’ll sure you’ll love it. I know you’re worried about hitting the 50k mark, but even if you don’t get it you’ll still have something written. It’s a fun experience and a great community. Good luck! 🙂


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