A Much Needed Session

This week in my NaNoWriMo Prep meeting, we discussed two very important pieces of our novels: opening scenes protagonists.

As I discuss in the video below, I struggle with these two extremely important elements of my stories. When I first start writing stories, I always worry if I am over-explaining or giving away important information early in my stories.

Even more so, I struggle with how to describe my characters. I find most of my  physical descriptions are either too lengthy and hastily shoved into a paragraph, or they’re lackluster and minimal.

During my second NaNo meeting, we did multiple exercises detailing different emotional, demographical and social aspects of our protagonists. I normally skim over these types of “character sheets” and details, simply because I thought I knew my characters well enough. Hopefully, knowing these facts will help flesh out my protagonists.

Outline pic
My Rough Outline

My opening scene was even more difficult. In this aspect, I struggle  with under-explaining. Since my novel is mostly set in modern day, I don’t really think to write out what the setting is like, how my character’s life is like before it all changes. I prefer jumping straight into the action and ignoring the background story.

Well, I found out that I’m losing a large portion of my story when I do that.

*Almost 25% of the novel is the Opening Scene!

This NaNo, I’m going to be outlining my opening scene intensely. Especially since I’m incorporating different religious ideas and mythos, I’ll need to have a fairly detailed opening scene to establish the basic facts of this novel’s world.

Watch my video below to hear more about the meeting and what I learned:

School: The Downfall of NaNo

Outside of NaNo, I’m also a full-time student, and I made some frightening discoveries whilst marking my November planner.

Simultaneous Group Projects

Not only will I have two group projects going on in different classes, both projects will be due on the same day in November. Any chance of getting my word count every day of November is gone, sadly.

My Own Laziness

Unfortunately, I haven’t taken my grades as seriously this semester as I did my freshman year of college. I’m make a C in a class I normally make A’s in, and I’m in a Computer Programming class (which I like to say is like teaching a fish Chinese.)

So during November, I need to also focus on my grades. Wish me luck.

Tell Me Your Story!

I know a lot of you have done NaNoWriMo before, so tell me some things you struggled with and how you overcame those (or are still working on them).

Happy writings!


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