My First

All my life I’ve been writing fan-fiction, but it rarely made it from Brain to Paper (even electronic paper). However, as I’ve grown more serious about my writing, I needed something to experiment or just keep the creative juices flowing without locking myself in my one world.

Enter every single fan-fiction in my head ever.

The Stereotypical First FanFiction: Harry Potter

Screenshot: Buzzfeed Snapchat. Much truth, such yes

I love Harry Potter like almost every fanfic writer does, and of course, my first I decided to write is for HP.
Originally, I was going to focus on a Supernatural fanfic, but my HP fan-fiction developed over years of obsession and mental rewrites and flows much more easily from my brain than my newly developed ones.


As I said in my previous post, NaNoWriMo will have to take a back seat to my school work, since I’ve been falling behind.
Well, Fanfiction will be in the back trunk to all of this, unfortunately. I simply cannot handle all the writing, mostly because I need to find time to sleep somewhere. (Other fanfic writers may be rolling their eyes, but have you seen me after an all-nighter? It ain’t safe.)


So, if you’d like to look into my fanfictions whilst I am focusing on other things, maybe leave a comment or two to boost my happiness, please do! Follow this link to my AO3 page (Write_Your_Rose) for my fan-fictions. I love to hear from other people and always reply to those who comment!

Happy Writings!


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