I normally make myself plan out a post before writing it, but for NaNo, I’m making an exception and free-forming a little Breaking Writer’s block post.

I’ve hit that point in NaNo…

…where I have zero motivation or desire to write, even though I’m extremely excited about this story. It’s mostly where I’m at in events, to be perfectly honest. I hate writing the beginnings of stories.

I feel my beginnings are boring, missing too much information and/or lacking that magical something. It’s the set up, the exposition, and I hate writing it.

Now, I could just skip writing this part all together and get to the portions I want to write. But knowing me, I’d never write the beginning at all if I did that. And it’d be about as crappy writing it first as writing it last (as is normal with first drafts).

That’s why I am writing this post: to get my fingers moving and the writer’s gears going. Even if I’m writing just a personal blog, at least I’m writing. Hopefully, this post can help me transition into writing the NaNo Novel.

So how do y’all get through writer’s block or part you don’t want to write, but must? Any tips or tricks? Sound off in the Comments!


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