Learn through Mistakes

I entered into this NaNo with grand ideas, a multitude of feels and a plan to get through it. Yet at each new event in my novel, I’m finding new mistakes and unplanned details taking up all of my writing time.

My first 12,500 words or so take place exclusively in a realistic world. No magic, no supernatural, just everyday problems, and maybe a few weird dreams.

Now that I’ve passed this opening sequence, I realize that I am totally unprepared for this new world my Protag. has entered.

I have an entire idea in my mind, full of a heaven painted into the center of the Universe with new colors and nebulas filling the streets. Yet, I can’t put that into the words of my Protag. Hell, I don’t even know how to fully describe it in my own words.


While I know a lot of this is on me for not preparing, I want to know what World Building Tips you have, and how you incorporate describing that world with your Protags or other miscellaneous characters.

Also, what are y’alls word counts at the moment? Remember, even a sentence is more than if you had never written at all!


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