For the past few months, I avoided writing on here. From a strenuous NaNo to Finals to various minor events over Winter Break, I felt that I had nothing worth writing about, nothing to celebrate or tell.

My 2015 Planner & my new GOALden 2016 Planner.

However, I looked over my 2015 Passion Planner, and I saw how many things I started, accomplished and achieved. I experienced new things and reaffirmed my goals with the start of the New Year.

And so, after a long break (and a good mental kick in the butt), I present the most striking events of the last two months of 2015 (& a little of 2016.)

NaNoWriMo Lessons

I discovered that 1,667 words, while good for getting 50,000 words in a month, proved to much for my inner & inexperienced writer. I tend to put an extreme amount pressure on myself to live up to my stated goals, even if my goals are obviously too high. As a first time NaNo-er, I should have lowered the standard.

From a NaNoWriMo Workshop

In the end, I wrote a total of 23, 678 words on my novel over about two weeks (if I don’t count the days I didn’t write). While it isn’t close to 50,000 in a month, the last time I wrote a story over 20,000 words, it took me five months to complete it. I wrote 23,000 in two weeks, and I’m not even close to finishing it!

With some newly acquired time management skills, this next year will see my novel completed, I can guarantee.

Finals: a brief overview

I was the lucky girl who only had two finals this semester, and I used that fully to my Procrastination Advantage. I did not study at all until the Friday before my finals week (whatever you do, don’t do that), but I managed to do well on both of my tests, getting an A in one class and a B in another.

Still, the stress from finals exacerbated the burnout I felt from NaNo, and by the end of the week, I was ready to be out of school for a while.

All the Wisdom Teeth!

Everyone has heard of them, seen the funny videos post surgery and dreaded having their own out.

Well, I had four wisdom teeth, and they all needed to go.

My surgeon was kind and caring, and I easily slipped into the anesthesia-induced sleep . Immediately after awakening, I stumbled out of the building with my mother and an assistant holding me up, lacking any feeling in my lower face. Stitches on my gums gave me the stereotypical chipmunk cheeks, and I couldn’t eat solid food for two weeks.

Unfortunately, I have no funny videos to share, but here’s some pictures!

Me with my magic ice pack and favorite doggie
Look at those Chipmunk Cheeks

Fics & Writing Goals

 While taking a break from my NaNo novel, I’m working on my Harry Potter fanfiction called The Choice. Since publishing, it’s been viewed almost 300 times!

A quick moment of silence for the late Alan Rickman, who played the infamous Severus Snape and inspired me to write this fanfiction. May he rest in peace.

I’m excited to continue with this story and see how my OC develops in the Wizarding World. Fanfiction allowed me to stretch my writing fingers and focus on developing my OCs without feeling the pressure of “I’m-writing-a-novel.”

With my renewed focus on my fic, I decided to set a daily and monthly word count goal. I learned from NaNo that a having a short and long term goal makes writing seem more urgent and feel more important. While 1,667 words a day and 30,000 words total were too much for me,  500 words daily and 15,000 monthly allows me the option of a quick writing session when I’m in a time crunch. It’s a lot less than NaNoWriMo, and that’s perfect for me.


Whew! That’s what I get for not updating!

What do you think? How has your winter break been? What were your NaNo & Finals experiences?

Sound off in the comments below!


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