So after I randomly opened my iMovie app on my computer, I found my video on the surprise Taylor Swift Concert! I recorded a lot of my favorite parts and felt the need to share some of this artist’s amazing work.

Here’s the video! (More below)

I am not a rabid fan of Taylor Swift, but I can respect her for being a great entertainer and role model for young fans everywhere.

In one moment that I (unfortunately) didn’t catch on film, Taylor Swift stood on a platform smiling at the audience, and she encouraged all the fans to remain true to themselves and that they were strong and unique, no matter what any bullies or naysayers might say.

While I don’t know Taylor, I was proud of her. She said these things from her stage to thousands of young girls, including my little ten-year-old cousin. A powerful musician, she encouraged others to express themselves and not to let anyone tell them how to do so.

In a world where bullying runs rampant and the status quo must always be met, I thank Taylor Swift for her own strength and wisdom.



If you attended a T-Swift Concert, what was your experience? What were your favorite songs and moments?


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