It’s been over a year…

I have constantly struggled with writing and posting things regularly. Sometimes I just think I don’t have worthy things to say. Sometimes I can’t make the story right and I end up just not writing at all.

This personal blog is kind of my way to have full longer thoughts than twitter (which I now have) and let the world know what I’m thinking. Not because I think my thoughts deserve everyone’s attention or that I need to share everything about my life every second. But that I simply want to share them.

My journal is where thoughts live for permanent and private residence. Twitter is my succinct and often random thoughts appropriate for public consumption.

So where does that leave this?

In the beginning, I wanted to use this blog as a fun way to motivate myself into making content and discipline myself with constantly perfecting my passions, such as writing, video work and features.

Well, this will be important in the next few months. I will be documenting and researching the origin and inception of the YouTube makeup artist and its effect on the makeup industry. This research is completely independent and I’d need to have the discipline any way.

It’s a little of a motivation post but hopefully, I can do better.

I am doing NaNoWriMo again, however I will be lowering my word count to 20,000. Reason being that I am more aware of my stress-management abilities and am able to identify my limits.

This is important, even more so in college where stress levels are unreasonably high (though I do not discount anyone else’s stress). While NaNo is important to me in that I do want to consider myself an author one day, I cannot allow writing to completely destroy my life simply because I have a desire (no matter the importance). It’s not worth it in the long run, and NaNo is not the only time I will write, but just the time that I will put serious effort into it.

Sometimes I lose sight of why I even start things, and I must get over the “But I Don’t Want To Today” mentality.

Anyway, this post is more of a reminder to myself that I still have this site, and I can just have fun with it.


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