The Sorority Uniform

What is the Sorority Uniform?

The sorority uniform consists of two required articles with multiple add-ons depending on one’s region. I shall explain the OKLAHOMA sorority uniform.

  • Required Articles
    1. Oversized T-Shirt:

The oversized T-Shirt is super comfy, most likely Comfort colors, and can easily be worn to bed, to class and back to bed again easily. They hid all foodie regrets and can be washed with just about anything. There’s at least a dozen of T-Shirts plastered with a sorority woman’s letters in her closet.

The Required Oversized Shirt & Yoga Pants
  1. Yoga Pants
    • Whether you have one or dozens, lulus or Wal-Marts, yoga pants are the perfect match to the Oversized T-Shirt. They act like skinny jeans, yet Yoga Pants add infinite amounts of comfort. Paired with boots or tennis shoes, Yoga Pants look cute with any outfit.
  • Oklahoma Articles
    1. Oversized sweatshirts
      • This may be a thing across many states, but I know that okies love their sweatshirts
      • I am guilty of owning 4
My NaNo SweatShirt
My Chi O SweatShirt









  • Rain boots
    • Either Hunter© or otherwise, rain boots are a must for those days when the skies open and an ocean pours down.

      Yes, these are mine
    • *Extra points if the boots have your letters on them
  •  Birkenstock/Jandels
    • One is outrageously expensive and cute, the other super cheap on Amazon and cute, and both are the lazy-sorority-girl go-to.
    • I, unfortunately, own neither of these beautiful shoes.


Why I Love It

There is a small window of freedom in college, where wearing T-Shirts and yoga pants are completely acceptable.


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Since this is my first post, I guess I should explain who I am and why I’m here.

My name is Devon. I’m a University student who has a passion for creative writing, fiction and/or nonfiction. I’ve never kept a documentation of my experiences before, and I found keeping a creative non-fiction blog would be both a cathartic and  While I don’t particularly enjoy reading about every second of a person’s life, I thought here would be a place to show the world how I enjoy living in it!

My next post is the start to a series called Living the England Life. I’m currently studying abroad in England and want to share my experiences with you!

Feel free to comment your thoughts below and let me know what you want to hear about!