NaNo Struggles & Prep pt. 2

NaNo Struggles & Prep pt. 2

A Much Needed Session

This week in my NaNoWriMo Prep meeting, we discussed two very important pieces of our novels: opening scenes protagonists.

As I discuss in the video below, I struggle with these two extremely important elements of my stories. When I first start writing stories, I always worry if I am over-explaining or giving away important information early in my stories.

Even more so, I struggle with how to describe my characters. I find most of my  physical descriptions are either too lengthy and hastily shoved into a paragraph, or they’re lackluster and minimal.

During my second NaNo meeting, we did multiple exercises detailing different emotional, demographical and social aspects of our protagonists. I normally skim over these types of “character sheets” and details, simply because I thought I knew my characters well enough. Hopefully, knowing these facts will help flesh out my protagonists.

Outline pic
My Rough Outline

My opening scene was even more difficult. In this aspect, I struggle  with under-explaining. Since my novel is mostly set in modern day, I don’t really think to write out what the setting is like, how my character’s life is like before it all changes. I prefer jumping straight into the action and ignoring the background story.

Well, I found out that I’m losing a large portion of my story when I do that.

*Almost 25% of the novel is the Opening Scene!

This NaNo, I’m going to be outlining my opening scene intensely. Especially since I’m incorporating different religious ideas and mythos, I’ll need to have a fairly detailed opening scene to establish the basic facts of this novel’s world.

Watch my video below to hear more about the meeting and what I learned:

School: The Downfall of NaNo

Outside of NaNo, I’m also a full-time student, and I made some frightening discoveries whilst marking my November planner.

Simultaneous Group Projects

Not only will I have two group projects going on in different classes, both projects will be due on the same day in November. Any chance of getting my word count every day of November is gone, sadly.

My Own Laziness

Unfortunately, I haven’t taken my grades as seriously this semester as I did my freshman year of college. I’m make a C in a class I normally make A’s in, and I’m in a Computer Programming class (which I like to say is like teaching a fish Chinese.)

So during November, I need to also focus on my grades. Wish me luck.

Tell Me Your Story!

I know a lot of you have done NaNoWriMo before, so tell me some things you struggled with and how you overcame those (or are still working on them).

Happy writings!


Inside Out Book Tag!!

Inside Out Book Tag!!

All the Books ≠ All the Feels

I love talking about books. Books are magical things. But there are a few books that go beyond captivation you for a couple of hours and just completely make you feel everything in your emotional spectrum.

With the help of some Inside Out characters, I’m gonna list out the books that have made me feel one specific emotion INTENSELY.

taken from Disney Wikia. All right reserved to Disney & Pixar


Now, if you’ve followed me for a while, you have probably heard of this book a thousand times already. But let me tell you why I love it so.

I read Fangirl my senior year of high school. I loved being a nerd, but I didn’t know how I could grow up and still passionately love these great stories without being childish.

Insert Fangirl. It follows a freshman college fan of a book series, and I came to the joyful conclusion that I could still be a nerd and grow up and be a functioning college student.

Needless to say, I find a lot of joy in this book that helped me stay true to myself in a scary time.

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This book makes me made for many different reasons, but maybe not for the ones you think.

As a fangirl, who reads fan fiction, I’ve been exposed to BDSM relationships written like the one in this novel.

After reading fic disclaimers explaining the type of relationship portrayed and researching a little on my own, there are major problems with how this book portrays a BDSM relationship, and it infuriates me.

(Insert Rant)

The main reason I become so angered is the Christian Grey is a terrible dominant. As a person with his more violent ‘tastes,’ he should always put the emotional needs of Ana, the submissive, before his own. I say needs instead of wants because (**SPOILER ALERT**) In the last scene of the novel, Ana makes an emotional, not logical, decision to have Christian beat her as she believes he wants to. Christian, if he were at the very least a decent dominant, would have realized Ana was not emotionally ready for this part of the relationship and still needed time.


There’s the short version of my rant on this book.

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This book had so much potential. Stephanie Meyer is a good writer. I devoured this series, which I freely admit, like every middle school girl my age. I participated in team Edward vs. Team Jacob (In my own words:Team Bella Makes Her Own Damn Choice).

But the ending. My God, the ending. After, what, almost 700 pages of build up to a battle, their is no battle based on vision that the reader never even sees.

When the movie came out, I found it to be one of the few times the movie is better than the book.

I could go on another rant about this one, but let’s move on.

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I don’t often leave books unfinished, but Horns is the only book I have purposefully stopped reading.

This book tapped into one of my greatest fears. And what’s worse, it takes you into the mind of a psychopathic antagonist.

I read through most of the book, but when I reached the chapters through the eyes of the antagonist, I was so afraid that I slammed the book closed, tucked a warning note for me into the chapter, and put it away. I felt literal chills down my spin even after I resolved not to finish it.

All rights reserved to Disney & Pixar


Ugh. This book. I just- I can’t.

The relationship between Eleanor and Park is so beautiful, but Rainbow Rowell writes a dark and realistic reality for the two and my heart breaks in the process.

I definitely was crying by the end, even though the final chapter leaves things openly hopeful.

Time to Tag!

I tag everyone who wants to do this challenge! It’s seriously fun and gives you an excuse to reminisce on the books that made you feel  things.

I hope you’ve enjoyed! What do you think of my list? What are some books that made you feel any one emotion?