A Reaffirmation Pledge (or 10 days of Not Writing)

Looking back on the past ten days, I regret putting off writing as much as I did.

While two big projects needed my full attention, I could have easily started writing vigorously starting this past Thursday. Instead, I was lazy and sat on my phone the entire time. I even avoided looking at writing prompts on Pinterest so I wouldn’t feel guilty.

Now that it’s Thanksgiving, that I “have the time” to write, I’m sitting at my computer not writing.

I already accepted that I probably wouldn’t make it to 50,000 on my first NaNo attempt. My schedule for November gave me a good heads up for that. But I know that I could have written more and been farther along than I am now, had I disciplined my writing more.

However, I’m going to make myself write. No matter where I am, I will do it. No excuses, no stops.

Thank you for reading my little rant. 🙂